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Assisting clients in the operationalization and embedding of resources to drive: more purposeful patient engagement; efficient quality measure satisfaction and; improved financial outcomes.

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We bring value and understanding to what would normally be randomized pieces of data and deliver insight through a simplified report (CPL). Our advisors are available to share best practices, identify new revenue opportunities, and help bridge the gap between traditional systems and a value based healthcare approach.


Cash is being awarded by the us government to assist businesses affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Billions of dollars are waiting to be claimed by businesses like yours through the government-sponsored Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program.
  • Your business may be eligible to receive over $33,000 per employee for 2021 alone.


Dollars Submitted to the IRS on Behalf of Clients

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Why Us?

We can expedite the process

Get your money sooner

We have a team of in-house experts that will physically file your business paperwork, expediting filings to offer the quickest return of money guaranteed.

We keep you informed every step of the way

TAG doesn’t leave businesses in the dark-you know exactly what’s happening with your filings as we get updates.

We intervene on your behalf if problems should arise

We are your one-stop personal assistant.

There is no cost to you to learn if you qualify. Our experts will verify your eligibility, complete all the required IRS tax forms, and ensure you receive the funds due back to you quickly.

What's ERC?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was created as part of the first COVID-19 stimulus package. The new stimulus package allows for businesses to receive both the PPP (Paycheque Protection Program) and ERC. This applies to both 2020 and 2021. If you had payroll costs in 2020, we can secure additional money for your business whether or not you have a PPP loan.

ERC Benefits

The ERC can now be claimed in conjunction with a PPP loan.

Apply Retroactively

Businesses and providers can apply for the ERC retroactively to March 12, 2020

Who's Eligible?

​If you had payroll expenses at any time in 2020 and 2021 your business is eligible to receive credits.

How much can I get?

For 2020, you can receive up to $5,000 per employee, and for 2021 the amount increases up to $33,000 per employee. Your business has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Home Health Care Agenecies

Some of the hardest hit by Covid-19 shutdowns were Home Health Care Agencies. However, those are also the organizations that benefit the most from the new rules allowing the PPP loan and ERC to be combined.

Our accounting experts have been helping Home Health Care Agencies to secure government funds that a normal accountant may miss. The ERC application process is often time consuming, confusing, and requires an experienced understanding to expedite the process of a timely return.

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